Our Policy

Cancelation / Reschedule policy

We do not accept any calls or texts as a form of cancelation or rescheduling. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, just click the “View Reservation” link in your confirmation email at least three hours before your scheduled time. We understand that life can happen, first no-show occurrence, we cut you a break. After multiple times, you will be charged full price for the service chosen. Thank you for understanding.

No call no-show appointments

We understand life happens. For first-time offenders, Speakeasy gives you a break. Should you miss multiple no-show appointments, your credit card on file will be charged the full service fee. We kindly request that you show consideration for our time, as we do for yours.

Late + 50% OFF policy

If you appreciate punctuality, you are going to LOVE US. We prioritize timely appointments and offer a 50% discount on your haircut if our barbers run more than 10 minutes behind. However, sustaining a constant 50% discount isn’t feasible, so we suggest arriving 5-10 minutes early to avoid delays and enjoy a drink on us while you wait. This helps your barber maintain an efficient schedule and ensures respect for every appointment afterward. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate clients arriving more than 3 minutes late, and such instances will be considered a no-show.


Although we genuinely appreciate your children, we’d like to kindly explain that Speakeasy Barber Lounge may not be the most suitable place for young children. One of the reasons for this is that our establishment serves alcohol, and we prioritize maintaining a serene environment for all our guests.

Regrettably, we do not offer haircuts for young children under 14 years old as part of our policy. We believe that this helps ensure a tranquil atmosphere for all our patrons, especially those enjoying a shave. Our primary mission is to create an enjoyable, safe, and serene experience for every valued customer who walks through our doors.


As downtown parking can be challenging, we kindly suggest that you arrive early to secure parking and ensure punctuality for your appointment. Two parking lots are available on the northeast side of the building, along with metered parking spaces on 17th and Blake St. This will also give you the opportunity to enjoy our Speakeasy, where you can have a drink or engage in a game of pool before your appointment. Metered street parking is available throughout Blake St, along with a paid parking lot right next to our location. Please note that we do not currently offer parking validations for any of the lots or garages.

Our Services

All of these features come with every haircut service, and they are included in the price.

Hot Towel
Whether it’s hat hair, product, sweat, or hair getting dirty throughout the day, it all gets in the way of a good haircut. That’s why we use a hot towel in every HAIRCUT service to clean and lift the hair up… plus, it feels awesome!

Drinks are on the house. Enjoy a whiskey on ice, beer, coffee, or sparkling water while you wait or during your haircut.

Hot lather neck shave
There’s nothing better than topping off a good haircut with a hot lather neck shave. That’s why, here at Speakeasy Barber Lounge, a hot lather neck shave comes with every haircut.

Massage chair
All of our chairs have a lower back stimulating massager, just another added bonus to elevate your haircut experience.




Haircut and Beard Trim


Hot Towel Shave