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Welcome to our hidden gem, the Speakeasy Barber Lounge, where we blend the allure of a past era with modern indulgence. Tucked away behind an unassuming entrance, our secret passageway leads you into a world of unparalleled grooming and relaxation.

Step inside and be transported to a haven of refinement, where skilled barbers cater to those who relish the opportunity to escape reality, even if just for a brief moment. Indulge in a grooming experience like no other and Immerse yourself in the art of a classic cut or the latest trends.

All while sipping on our carefully selected local beer on tap, cold brew coffee straight from the keg, enjoying a glass of whiskey or scotch on the rocks or even something simple as a crisp sparkling water.

Our lounge resonates with the rhythms of great music and the clinking of cues on our well-maintained pool table, providing the perfect backdrop for you to unwind and enjoy the company of friends or fellow patrons.

At Speakeasy Barber Lounge, we don’t just cut hair; we craft experiences. Join us, and let your style journey begin in this hidden gem of sophistication and camaraderie, known to insiders as Denver’s best-kept secret. Book your appointment today to experience it for yourself.

Our Services

All of these features come with every haircut service, and they are included in the price.

Hot Towel
Whether it’s hat hair, product, sweat, or hair getting dirty throughout the day, it all gets in the way of a good haircut. That’s why we use a hot towel in every HAIRCUT service to clean and lift the hair up… plus, it feels awesome!

Drinks are on the house. Enjoy a whiskey on ice, beer, coffee, or sparkling water while you wait or during your haircut.

Hot lather neck shave
There’s nothing better than topping off a good haircut with a hot lather neck shave. That’s why, here at Speakeasy Barber Lounge, a hot lather neck shave comes with every haircut.

Massage chair
All of our chairs have a lower back stimulating massager, just another added bonus to elevate your haircut experience.




Haircut and Beard Trim


Hot Towel Shave


Enter the building, walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor and take a seat. Someone will greet you and walk you in to our hidden gem.
Speakeasy does not have shampoo bowls, so we make up for it by offering a hot towel with every haircut to break up any product or oils you might have in your hair.
Select your barber and service on a day they’re available. If there’s no availability, a “Put me on the waiting list” button will appear. Provide your details, including payment info (charged only if you book). You can’t choose “any professional” for a specific barber’s waitlist. You can join multiple waitlists individually. If there’s a cancellation, you’ll get notified and have 10-15 minutes to accept or decline. If multiple people are on the waitlist, it moves to the next. The waitlist notifies sign-ups in order. Booking incurs a $3 convenience fee by Squire booking software, only charged if you secure an appointment from the waitlist.
Our booking system “Squire” charges a $1 booking fee for prepay. Take note, this is only if you decide to prepay.
You won’t face any fees if you cancel your appointment with at least three hours’ notice. However, if you try to cancel within one or two hours of your appointment, the system won’t let you. You can check out our shop policies by clicking [HERE](link to shop policies).
  • You can use our Speakeasy booking app, available on both iOS and Google Play. You can find it [here](link to iOS) or [here](link to Google Play).


  • If you’d rather not download the app or encounter any issues with it, you can access the rescheduling feature through the confirmation email for your appointment. Simply click “view reservation” in the email, and you’ll be able to make changes from there.
We do not offer women’s hairstyles, such as layering, hair coloring, or bobs, as this is a barbershop.
We do not provide services to kids under 14 years old.